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An industrial distributor supporting the small and the big. Providing service solutions tailored to meet your business needs, from repairs, MRO, and automation, for the following industries: automotive, manufacturing, medical, and everything in between. (Even custom made to order parts).

Basically, any manufacturing business’ that needs parts or service, but don’t hesitate to call us, we can work together to help you find what you need! 



A women-owned company, established in 2020 (In the midst of the pandemic)-  Owner and founder has over 15 years of experience in the industrial business supporting both supplier and distributor sides.  With experience comes wisdom, and wisdom turns into knowledge – and determined to give the industry the best customer service without the BIG hassle of the BIG companies- and to make that long term relationship between parties and be the go to company you can trust to go above and beyond your expectations and get it right the first time around when you need it. 

What make us different?

Well that’s easy… its 100% women owned and Minority owned certified. We know our ins/out of this industry with our knowledgeable and dependable team that represents Infinity Industrial Service. You call us and you will get the service you called for. No long holds or wait time, we jump right in to help your needs – A business that takes pride in their work and partnerships, we work with you to make your lines and business run smoothly- expecting nothing less. 

Mission and values

Our relationships with our suppliers are nothing less than the relationship we have with our customers. We are able to support and provide the best possible price and services to keep your business running smoothly, efficient and committing to keeping overall supply cost at a level everyone can be happy about. We are here with you and for you- no request is too small.

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